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Anywhere in communications with BUYERS and SELLERS, someone can be watching.  A simple click of the mouse begins the damage.

My business email account was duplicated by the Semonin Marketology team on purpose.  Did you NOTICE my email address was changed by just one letter?  The 'i' in homeservices was replaced with a lower case L which looks like this 'l' instead of this 'i'.  Hard to tell the difference when you do not take the time to pause and check. 

This happed to a Semonin agent in the spring of 2019 and the buyer almost LOST $198,000 because a non-Semonin email was being watched.  Fortunately the buyers got their money back.

THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE.  Millions of dollars are being stolen by hackers watching for the closing to happen.  They have hacked into someone's email account and are just waiting to send a FAKE message to wire the money into a different bank account.  They send messages at the last minute trying to catch buyers and sellers off guard.  They like to duplicate real estate agents.  They use fake domains and fake email addresses.

If you use Semonin email accounts we can help block the bad guys, back you up when bad events happen, and make your business life safer.  If you choose to use another email address to do your real estate business, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!


They used and purchased a domain almost exactly like our domain.  They added an email account to the domain, imitated me easily and potentially had you believing you were connecting with me.  This is how these things happen!!  One more thing... it only cost $20 to duplicate the domain and my email address.  It is profitable for thieves to do this.  They get a good return.  YOU NEED TO BE ON GUARD AND MAKE SURE YOUR BUYERS AND SELLERS ARE ON GUARD!!

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